Sunday, August 28, 2011

Square One Art ideas?

Welcome back everyone! Tomorrow is my first day back, a day full of meetings. Lots of changes for me this year, I'm at 3 schools now, longer work day, less pay, and more meetings. Stay positive, stay positive, stay positive, right? Anyways, I need help:

Anyone have any great ideas for the square one art fundraiser? I have to do it w/1st and 5th. Pictures would be great! :) thanks!


  1. Hi - I posted several fundraiser projects last year, and I'll include the links below so you can see pics. Family portraits with first graders were a real hit. My 5th graders did a silhouette thing that came out ok but not great, and I'm also giving you links to some dragonflies and some castles "my home is my castle" that were successful. We used Original Works Yours, not Square One, so our paper is rectangular. I don't know what your paper quality is like but water media "took" kind of funny on the OWY paper. I've also done stuff with name reflections, gardens of flowers, butterflies, etc. My goal w/the fundraiser is always to just, well, GET IT DONE. Anyhow here are the links to last year's projects.

    Not doing a fundraiser this year because our PTSA, who runs the fundraiser, got in a disagreement w/administration last spring and they all quit. No more PTSA.

  2. I have used Square One fundraiser for several years. Here's a link to my blog showing portraits my 2nd grade students did for Square One last year...
    May have to scroll down to find the pictures.

    It is a lot of fun for the kids and very easy on me. My PTO helps and we split the funds. Good luck! Vicki

  3. I have done a similar fundraiser...I use Art to Remember. For lower grades I have had the kids make snails, birds, Picasso Bouquet with hand print. Older students have done O'Keeffe flowers, self-portraits and birds. Good Luck...I too am debating what I will have the kids make.

  4. Thanks Ladies! I really like the dragon fly on the flower one and the Picasso w/hand print sounds really cute too!