Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Salvador Dali inspired Surrealism Collages

In Art class, 4th graders learned about the Spanish artist Salvador Dali. His style of art is called Surrealism, which means dreamlike. He is most famous for his melting clock paintings, but he also painted strange long-legged elephants and giraffes with burning backs! Students created a surrealism collage by cutting and gluing images from magazines and calendars.


  1. Hello! My name is logan, I am a 20 year old studio artist. I normally choose an array of recycled items to create a variety of different art pieces, and I am currently working on a series of projects at the moment, and one of them is a collage. I was wondering if I could conduct an interview regarding the collages, and some aspects of teaching art. It would be a really nice addidtion to my research for my projects. If you're willing, please contact me at thank you for your time! :)

  2. Great lesson idea! I used this as inspiration for a lesson in my classroom and gave you credit on my blog here Thank you for sharing!