Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chinese Calligraphy Banners

Chinese Calligraphy Banners created by 3rd graders


  1. How did you dye the paper and what kind of paper is it?
    They are lovely, thank you!

  2. Please give the details on how to do these. They are gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful, could you explain the process. Thank-U

  4. Can you explain the process step by step? I would love to do these with my class but am not sure were to start. Thank you

  5. First you have students fold the papers (accordion)
    Then you have student dip two ends of the paper into water color solutions.
    Third, let dry.
    Forth students write Mandarin characters on it.
    Last, decorate two ends of the papers like a banner.
    The paper I used was rice paper (rip easily, but it's good looking after dying.)