Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Clay Texture Charms

I snapped this picture of my first graders holding up their clay necklace charms they just finished in art this week. I love to do this little lesson along with our bigger clay project, (usually a pinch pot). They take a ball of clay and set it on their clay mat on the floor. Next, they step on it-gently! We discuss how the texture from our shoe will print into our clay! They love this! I come around and poke the hole at the top and write their name on the back while they are busy adding texture to their pinch pots. Once fired they used liquid watercolor to paint them, which only added a slight change in color from the terracotta clay, still looked beautiful. They then sponge painted with sax glitter gloss and the last step was to string beads that are symmetrical! Many of them tell me stories about how they gave them to mom or grandma as a gift and that the wear them all the time!

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