Friday, May 27, 2016

Papier Mache Animals

5th graders created these papier mache animals using recycled materials! You can see from the bottom picture here, they used creamer shaped bottles, news paper, tag board and tape to create their armature for their animal. The next art class they had to distress one color of construction paper and papier mached over their armature. The class after they drew on details (eyes, mouth, legs) with pencil and went in and painted it these details. The class after they decorated with yarn, pipe cleaners, gems, ribbon, what ever they needed! I love when students say, "I wan't to do this"...."How can we do that?" and we brainstorm how to can do it! That is what art is all about, problem solving! I just adore these three unicorns and how they each went about decorating it differently!

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