Wednesday, November 23, 2016

M.C. Escher Tessellations

5th graders learned about the life and art of M.C. Escher through power point. We looked at his tessellations and created our own! The animal shape that you see was a stencil that they had to trace 5 times trying to get it to match up perfectly, not as easy as it looks! You can also see the assessment that the student filled out to be glued to the back of their art. This also dubs as a way to communicate what is being taught in the art room with families!


  1. Is that a magnetic board with the tessellated shapes? Love it!

  2. YES! That is at our local children's museum in Green Bay!

  3. I am very much fond of abstract art. Can i get few tips how I can improve my skills in this art and also I want some paintings to get an idea of some designs.