Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flying Pigs!

Close up of pigs

Pigs flying in the art hallway!
Pigs paper mached with paper towel

Flying paper mache pigs created by 3rd graders! Thanks Sarah Cherovsky for the lesson!
Pigs bodies are made from rolled newspaper and TP rolls taped on for legs and nose. You can kind of see this is the last picture.


  1. Was just wondering what you used for the roundness of the pig's belly?

  2. I don't know what Jenny uses for her pig bodies, but my kiddos have made lots of cute pigs - we use bags from loaves of bread, bagels,& English muffins - stuffed tightly with crumpled newspaper sheets and then tied at the end. Works great!
    I never made them fly though - great idea - maybe next year!!

  3. To make the pig bodies, we start w/crumpled newspaper in a ball. Then we roll it up (the way they do at Subway I tell my kids) until it is the right size. Then we tape it shut and add on legs and nose w/tape and TP rolls!

  4. Here are some of my flying pigs:


    my pigs are with balloons...

  5. Just found your blog.... WOW! I will be a first year art teacher, was a graphic designer for 10 years but decided to switch careers. I am so excited about the upcoming year, Please keep posting as I will be following you and borrowing some of your awesome projects.

  6. Super project. I've been teaching for many years, but this last year was my first year teaching art. Thank-you for sharing your wonderful ideas!