Friday, May 28, 2010


I have 5 fourth grade classes. With the end of the year approaching, I wanted to save on supplies like glue, paint and paper. So I decided to end the year with them doing a weaving. The only consumable supply is yarn, which I have a ton of! This project was such a hit! The students kept telling me how much they love weaving! I even had 4 students make their own weaving at home and bring it in to show us! The only problem with doing this at the end of the year is that they can’t be displayed in the hallway! This lesson took about 4-5 60 minute classes. It was such a great way to wind down the year. They stayed busy and focused the entire time! I started off showing this great youtube video:
The only major requirement I had, was they had to choose warm, cool or neutral colors.


  1. Great photos! I did some paper weaving with the kids this past year and I plan to do several yarn projects this year. I haven't done the wall hangings for years, so it was nice to see some photos. Thanks again