Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mini Monet Artworks

One 5th grade class was a week behind due to a snow day. So we did a quick one day min Monet drawing using oil pastels. I had a table full of Monet images, they had to choose one, and replicate a similar artwork using Monet's Impressionistic style. They glued on a gold fancy frame when finished and I had them laminated. The turned out great and were a great addition to the Monet hallway!!!


  1. I am loving all of your great Monet lessons- I am partial he is one of my very favorites. It makes me excited to teach Monet this spring. Did the kids make the little Popsicle stick easels themselves? I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks!
    Jessica Balsley

  2. Thanks! I love teaching Monet too!
    I made the Popsicle stick easels b/c I keep them in the art room to use year after year. Its nice just to have a box of them on hand for mini projects to be displayed...Although I know the kids love them b/c they always ask, "Do we get to keep those?!?" But their artwork is meant to be magnetized to something! :)

  3. Lovely! We loved our Monet artworks too! Your Monet hallway is stunning!