Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3-D Cities


  1. Those are absolutely wonderful!

  2. These are fabulous! Can you give a few specifics of how they were done? What is the backing (it looks shiny-metallic)? What is the 3-D element on them? (It's hard to tell from the photos - they look curved a bit but I can't quite figure out how).

  3. Thanks everyone! I did see this lesson example out there somewhere, but I have a terrible memory. If this is your lesson, please let me know!
    To make them, the kids made 3 levels of buildings out of various kinds of paper. I stapled the levels onto silvermetallic poster board like paper that got donated to my school. I stapled them so that they would curve, or pop out to give a 3-D look. HOpe this makes sense!