Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dragon Paintings

Throw away those erasers!
Building Dragons
With Basic Shapes
created by
3rd graders


  1. FABULOUS! (dragon addict that I am, I cannot resist these!)
    I've already decided - next year, likely my last year teaching, my "theme" for the year will be something like "art is Fantastic" and I expect we'll be delving into the world of fantasy, including, of course, lots and lots of dragons.

    Did they do any pre-drawing? Or just start painting? Are they sponge-painted? I'm curious as to the details since they are SO cute.

  2. Thanks! These were really fun and of course the kids loved the subject! The third graders actually made clay dragons first before we painted these. We talked about shape/form 2D/3D and so on....The clay dragons I posted a long time ago on my blog if you haven't seen them yet :) love that lesson...

    THese were the steps for the painting:
    rub crayon background, we did purple or blue
    for the dragon, no drawing! dive right in w/paint
    we used gaint brushes with hard brissles and dab dab dabed one shape at a time.
    oval for head, two skinny rectangles for mouth, rectangle neck, triangle ears and spikes and so on.
    then we did the fire and our hour of art was over. i think you could do this in one hour, we just passed back our clay and wrapped it up before we began this painting so we ran outta time..hope this helps and makes sense!

  3. Thanks! My art classes are 40 minutes long, so it's probably best to divide it in 2 sessions.