Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mini Flying Pigs!

Quick, (2 half hour sessions) easy, fun and cute!


  1. Oh, Jenny, they are SO cute!!!!! Balloons or balls of newspaper?

  2. this is EXACTLY what I was going to tackle this week...can you talk about your process?

  3. Here you go Stephanie, I hope you got this in time!

    day 1
    crumple and rip a 9x12 pink paper up into pieces
    write your name on one piece of paper
    make a ball out of 10 paper towels, the brown kind at school :)
    smear w/papier mache
    attach/smear pink paper all over ball
    place open paper clip under a spot for a hanger
    attach paper w/ name on bottom
    clean up!

    day 2
    poke holes w/a nail for 4 legs, 2 wings, and tail
    i have the kids twist the nail in to make it easier
    paint pink ball w/a mixture of Mod Podge and glitter gloss
    while drying, students pick out feathers, pipe cleaners, beads, make their felt eyes and nose
    they come up to me to hot glue eyes, ears, and nose
    they place a small amount of elmers glue into each hole before they stick in feathers or pipecleaner

  4. just missed it..but I did do it TODAY! :)

    ...we did it with model magic and a plastic bag. (roll up plastic bag, cover with model magic, put two pipe cleaners on bottom, secure with model magic.) I Put paper clip in top. They are drying and hopefully will work!I hope the model magic is strong enough.....I let the kids do any animal (although I REALLY wanted just pigs, but its only grade 2 and I am a push over!)

    I'll file your fantastic process away..maybe we'll do that on Monday with two of my other classes!