Friday, December 18, 2009


2nd graders had fun creating their rockets using railroad board, buttons and beads. I then spray painted them gold. Students added finishing touches of planets and splattered star. The fire from the rockets were created with glitter hot glue sticks.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pinch Pots

1st graders created these pinch pots after talking about "texture"

Winter Bird Houses

3rd graders created these winter bird houses after reviewing the difference between geometric and free-form shapes.


5th graders learned the difference between circles and spheres. Students worked on adding shadow and highlight to their planets using chalk. They also had to choose a place where their light source was coming from.

Mondrain Initals

First graders created these after learning about Piet Mondrian and his use of primary colors, vertical and horizontal lines, squares and rectangles. Students each created a giant Piet Mondrian inspired artwork of their first initial.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kandinsky Watercolors

In art class, 1st graders learned about two different types of shapes; geometric and free-from. Some examples of geometric shapes are circles, squares, and triangles. Some free-from shapes are cats, blobs, and me.
Students created art just like the artist Kandinsky by painting geometric and free-form shapes. They painted with watercolor paints and then added black yarn to show different types of lines.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


In art class, we studied Antarctica and learned facts about penguins. Afterwards we created these adorable penguins using colorful construction paper

Winter Landscape

5th graders created these using white chalk, colored chalk and splattered white paint.

Baby It's Cold Outside

5th graders drew their coats in art class!

Optical Illusions

In art class we looked at some optical illusions and then drew our own using colored pencil and marker!

Double-Dip Clowns

4th graders created clowns using the double-dip painting technique, which is

when you dip your brush in two colors and dab in onto the paper.

Chinese Banners

In art class,
2nd graders studied China and Chinese writing. Students created these beautiful banners using dippity dye paper and dye. They drew their own Chinese characters that each symbolizes a word.

Impressionsim Flowers

In art class, 3rd graders learned about the artist Claude Monet. He was from France and loved to paint outdoors. He helped invent an important style of painting called impressionism. Students created a painting of flowers in a vase in the impressionism style. They painted the flowers by dabbing two colors of paint onto a small square piece of scrap paper. Next, they folded the paper in half to mix the colors together. Finally, students pressed their painted paper onto their artwork for the flowers. One other thing we discussed while creating these is symmetry. The vase needed to be symmetrical and each of the flowers ended up being symmetrical!