Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Emphasis Sculptures

I needed a one day lesson for a 4/5 split. I had lots of colorful blocks laying around that I thought the kids would have fun hot glueing together to make sculptures.
Students created these sculptures focusing on emphasis. Emphasis is the focus, main idea, or what “grabs” your attention. Students agreed the marble was the emphasis point on their sculptures for many reasons such as; color, shape and size.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kandinsky Prints

In art class, first graders have been learning the difference between geometric and free-from shapes.
Students created abstract art just like the artist Kandinsky by drawing geometric and free-form shapes on sandpaper with crayons. Then they watched as the sandpaper was ironed onto paper to create these beautiful prints!

The Very Busy Spider

2nd graders were inspired by
Eric Carle’s book,
“The Very Busy Spider.”
Students learned how Eric Carle created his illustrations
in his books.
Like Carle, students painted large sheets of paper with bright colors and made designs in wet paint using their
paint brush handles!
2nd graders cut and glued their papers to create their own
very busy spiders!