Monday, September 14, 2015

Collaborative Circle Paintings

On my second day of school I saw fourth and fifth graders. We watched a quick video on circle painting discussing how they are working together on one big painting all centering around the theme of a circle. The students loved it! The front tables did warm colors and the back cool colors. The finished art looks great up in the hall!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

First day of art! 2015-16 school year. Keith Haring Collaborative Mural!

I am back in the classroom at Keller Elementary in Green Bay after taking a year off to be home with my three little ones. I am blessed beyond belief to be able to work only two days a week and have the rest off to be home with my kids! This year I am back at a school I taught at three years ago for three years! I only know a few students that I taught in first grade and are now in fifth grade! It almost made me teary eyed as they came down the hallway towards the art room. They looked just as I remembered them, only taller! I wanted to dive right in and make some collaborative art to hang in the empty halls. With the older grades, third, fourth and fifth we studied the life and work of the American graffiti artist Keith Haring through power point. Students then worked collaboratively to draw and paint on a large paper in the style of Haring. The students loved painting on the first day of school! I'm so excited to be teaching again this year. I have a feeling this is going to be the best year yet!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Art show with my home school group!

At the end of the school year, we had an art show and ice cream social in the basement of our church after mass one Sunday. It was a great way to show off to our friends and family all the neat work we did the second part of the year. (We had an art show like this mid way through the school year as well). Overall, I very much enjoyed teaching this group of kiddos art once a week! I hope I instilled in them a new love of art!

Jean DuBuffett Sculptures

Abstract Sculptures Students learned about the art of the French artist Jean DuBuffett (1901-1985). He painted as well as made abstract sculptures using a limited color scheme. He was influenced by children's art and it's simplicity. We discussed the difference between two-dimensional and three-dimensional art, shape and form. Students then created their own sculpture, in the same style as DuBuffet using poster board and markers!

A walk with a Line

Students had fun creating these line design artworks that give the illusion of form on a flat piece of paper.