Friday, February 24, 2012

MLK Mural

Thanks artprojectsforkids blog! The mural turned out great at each of my schools!

Winter Cardinals

In art class, third graders learned about cardinals. They are such a popular bird seven states have named them their state bird! We also learned that the male cardinals are bright red and the females are brown. Students painted cardinals on a branch on a snowy day.
Beautiful work third graders!

Oil Pastel Toucans

After studying the rainforest in Art class, fifth graders learned a bit about toucans and how to draw one. Then they colored their masterpieces with oil pastels. Great job kids!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Liquid Watercolor Zebras

I got this idea from smART class blog but 4th graders just did a close up of a zebra's eye instead of the entire zebra. Here is the site:
At my other school, my fifth graders are creating the zebra head and body like the ones on smART class blog and they are turning out SO great! Can't wait to post them. I love liquid watercolors and so do the kids!

African Masks

Third grade students were introduced to Africa and African masks through power point. Students learned that African masks were used for many purposes such as celebrations, war preparation, ceremonies, harvest time and communicating with ancestors. Third grade students really enjoyed creating their own 3-D African mask. They had to make their masks symmetrical and use neutral colors.
They are all wonderful works of art!

More African Art

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Africa Unit

Here are some of the projects we have been doing in art class based on Africa. More amazing work will be posted soon! :)


While learning about Africa, second grade students studied African animals like the lion. Students learned that the male lion has lots of hair around his neck called a mane. The mane is there to protect their throats during a fight and to help them look fierce! Students also learned lions are social animals and like to live in groups called prides. Second graders had a lot of fun creating these lion artworks using paint and oil pastels!

Kente Cloth

Second grade students learned about Africa through power point. They looked at the African Kente cloth and discovered that art can be worn. We discussed the process of creating a Kente cloth and how the men in Ghana are the ones who do the actual design making and weaving. Students got to choose the colors they wanted as they wove their Kente "cloth" with an over and under pattern of movement.

African Animals

In Art class, first graders learned about Africa through power point. Students learned many facts about the amazing animals that live in Africa. Next, they worked hard on their drawing, tracing and coloring skills while creating these adorable giraffe and tiger drawings.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

District office building art display

Each month, the art teachers rotate hanging artwork at our Green Bay school district office building. This sure makes the building look great for the staff that works there as well as visitors! It also gives great recognition to the students and their amazing work!