Friday, January 29, 2010


Students love learning about Egypt and Mummies! These large mummies were made by 3rd graders using metallic oil pastels, metallic colored pencils and metallic puffy paint. We talked about symmetry and used chalk to trasfer one half over to the other side of their artwork before they colored. They loved adding their names in Hieroglyphics down the middle!

awesome video of egyption art!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Emphasis Sculptures

Students learned what emphasis means and had to create a sculpture out of junk itmes. Students learned on way to show emphasis is through color. Students hot glued their junk items together, painted everything black., then painetd over with modge podge. Lastly, the students glued their emphasis on. Can you tell what is being emphasized?????

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bike Drawing

Students drew a bike from observation. They then outlined it in sharpie. Next, they added washable markers using warm or cool colors. Lastly, they went over the marker with a wet brush to make the colors bleed.


Rooster Weather Vane

In art class, 5th graders learned that a sculpture is a three-dimensional work of art. A three-dimensional work of art can be measured in three ways. You can measure the height, width and depth. Students created a sculpture of a Rooster Weather Vane, using paper mache.

Picasso Portraits

In art class, we studied the life and art of Pablo Picasso. Next, we drew abstract portraits with a combination of the frontal and profile perspectives of the face. We then colored the portraits with markers and then added water to make the markers bleed.

Adaptive Spider Webs

Students rolled a marble around in a box that had their paper at the bottom and white paint. Next, the added the spider with black paint! :)

Adaptive Candies

Adaptive Pumpkin Patch

This was mostly a glueing lesson.

Adaptive Flower Vases

Students drew their vases with washable markers, then went over their drawing

with a wet brush to make the colors bleed.

Adaptive Ice Cream Cones

Lot of painting paper the first day. Cutting and glueing the next. :)

Adaptive Butterfly

These were made by dipping strings into primary color paints then folding the paper to make a symmetrical design. Students then made paper rings for the body.

Adaptive Dinos

Some years I teach a group of adaptive students (depending on what school I'm at each year) Here are some Dinos they made mostly using stamps.

Collage Self-Portraits

In art class, first graders created a self-portrait. A self-portrait is a drawing of yourself. For this project, students painted, drew, cut and glued!