Friday, April 23, 2010

Helen Keller Elementary Art Show!

5th grade clay fish display

The kids used construction paper crayons to color their clay, then I painted them with India Ink to create this Batik look! Thanks to Sarah for sharing this technique at our last art meeting!

There was art in the gym on these giant boards and 3-D work on tables. There was also art on boards throughout the school.
2 grade penguin display! Got many complements!

Love this shot of the kiddos pointing out their work!

Clay table

Another board with 1st, 5th and 3rd grade work.

1st grade symmetrical butterflies and Moths.

1/2 split texture bunnies.

2/3 split "Swimmy" paintings.

5th grade Aboriginal Art. I love teaching this lesson!

Purple cow paintings by 3rd grade!

Kandinsky sandpaper prints by 1st and 1/2 split.

Warm or cool plaid pets by 1st grade.

Clay cupcakes created by the 2/3 split class! These were a hit!

Clay dragons made by 3rd grade! They loved the castle!

Another penguin picture.

Clay bird's nests created by 2nd grade.

I did a cave lesson with 2nd and the 2/3 split classes. I decided to turn a storage room off of the gym into a "Keller Cave." The lights were out in there so students had to use a flash light to go in and look at the cave paintings. The music teacher also made a CD with cave like music to play in the cave. It was a HUGE hit! The families loved it!

Inside the cave (the flash from the camera makes it look pretty bright in there).

We even hung a spider for an extra touch!

I had simple art projects for the kids to make. Here I am shrinking their shrink-y-dink necklaces. Kids love watching them shrink right before their eyes!

Another board with Monet ponds created by the 2nd graders.

>Close up of a 5th grade Mardi Gras mask that was on display.

These turned out so nice!

>Another board with 2/3 split, 4th grade and 5th grade work.

SCN0293.jpg" border=0> Found this lesson on paintedpaper's blog!

Art Rocks guitars by 3rd grade, found this lesson by blogging as well!

4th grade shoe drawings.

4th grade Dream Catchers.

3rd grade Impressionism Vases.

2/3 split paintings based off the book, "Giraffe's Can't Dance."

Texture Burgers by 5th grade.
1/2 split Degas Dancers.


  1. LOVE those fish! I will have to try the crayon method. Also, I am really interested in the Aboriginal Art. I do dot paintings with my 2nd graders, but yours look so interesting! Great show. :)

  2. What a great art show! All of the projects look amazing! I really like the technique you used for the fish. I might have to use that with my second grade classes, they just made clay fish too. How long do you display the art show for? And does each class have a different project displayed?

  3. Love your students artwork!!! I love the Aboriginal Art--how did you get the air brush hand look??? love it!! love the fish--the penguins --the cave--everything--very creative projects!!!

  4. WOW! what a lot of work! I love you blog. You have a lot of great ideas! You should be really proud of what you are doing. I see you are from Green Bay, I'm from Rogers, MN. Maybe we can do a art exchange next year. Check out my web site if you want... I do art exchanges with in my district but it would be fun state to state.

  5. Thanks everyone! The art in the gym is just up for the show. The art in the hallways on the bulletin boards I keep up for a few weeks. Each student had 3-5 pieces of work in the show!
    The Aboriginal Art: after the kids are done dotting w/a q-tip, they come to me and I spray their hand w/watered down tempera paint on their work. They love that part :)
    Mrs. Hahn, I don't know what an art exhange is, but it sounds fun! I went to the U of M twin cities, so I am familar w/Rogers!I will check out your site!

  6. Jenny- email me, I will tell you all about an art exchange. It is fun! I went to Stout and worked in Kiel, WI (south of you a bit) the year after collage. I know your area too. Let's talk... you know how things take forever to plan.

  7. What an interactive show. Just love the fish technique...crayons on clay? Who would have thought it!Congratulations. You've inspired me to add maybe a bit more to my upcoming art show this week.

  8. Wow! You have some awesome projects!!! your kids are so lucky to have you as their teacher.

  9. I am in love with the clay fish. You have to tell me how did you construct the fish? Please let me know, this would be a great project to do with my art club!

  10. sorry, i am just seeing this! we rolled slabs of clay. they traced a fish stencil twice and cut it out. you kinda pinch the top of the two fish together along the seam as you stand it up. i think we stuffed it w/paper towel to help puff out the fish more. they then add fins and texture!

  11. I am so impressed with your art show! Your projects are beautiful!

  12. Do you color the clay while it is wet or wait? Did you use air dry clay? Thanks!

  13. Wow! Great art show full of brilliant art work. Our art show is in a few week time. I am so stressed - aaagghhhh! Keep up the godd worl - I love your blog.

  14. Thanks for showing your students' works and I would get inspired to develop art lessons for my students as well, especially ES students.

    Thanks again.

    Korea Kent Foreign School

    Visual art teacher