Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bug on a Rug Weaving

In Art class, third graders learned how to weave with paper. Students used old scrap pieces of painted paper while they were going over and under to create the weaving. Next, students learned about symmetry and created a symmetrical bug to put on their rug! Students really focused on neat cutting and gluing for this lesson. Way to go third grade artists!

Matisse Goldfish

Matisse Gold Fish In Art class, second graders have been studying the French artist Henri Matisse. They learned that when he was younger he had no interest in art. Mostly because they didn’t have art class in school back then! When Matisse was a little older, he came down with appendicitis. During his recovery his mother got him some art supplies for something to do. He fell in love with painting and art. He decided he wanted to become an artist. He first loved to paint and used bright colors and vivid patterns. As he got older, his back hurt too much to paint. He still had a passion for art and didn’t want to stop creating, so he invented his own style of art which he called “drawing with scissors.” This allowed him to sit in his wheelchair and still make art by cutting and gluing. This kind of art is called collage. Second grade artists created their own depiction of one of Matisse’s famous paintings, Goldfish. Students painted, drew, cut, and glued to make their masterpieces!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jim Dine Tinted Hearts

In Art class, first grade students studied the artist Jim Dine. They learned that he is a living artist who was born in Ohio, but now lives in Europe. We talked about symbols and how people all over the world recognize what a heart is. We looked at different examples of Jim Dine’s work with hearts in them and then created these beautiful Jim Dine inspired heart paintings! First graders learned what it means to make a tint while creating these hearts. They also had a lot of fun using a fork to add details!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Salvador Dali inspired Surrealism Collages

In Art class, 4th graders learned about the Spanish artist Salvador Dali. His style of art is called Surrealism, which means dreamlike. He is most famous for his melting clock paintings, but he also painted strange long-legged elephants and giraffes with burning backs! Students created a surrealism collage by cutting and gluing images from magazines and calendars.