Thursday, April 29, 2010

Texture Dinos

After reading the book,
If the Dinosaurs came back,
by Bernard Most, 3rd graders in
drew dinosaurs in realistic landscapes. The main focus of this project was on Texture. Student learned that texture is how something feels.
3rd graders added textures in their artwork using texture plates under their paper when they colored.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Helen Keller Elementary Art Show!

5th grade clay fish display

The kids used construction paper crayons to color their clay, then I painted them with India Ink to create this Batik look! Thanks to Sarah for sharing this technique at our last art meeting!

There was art in the gym on these giant boards and 3-D work on tables. There was also art on boards throughout the school.
2 grade penguin display! Got many complements!

Love this shot of the kiddos pointing out their work!

Clay table

Another board with 1st, 5th and 3rd grade work.

1st grade symmetrical butterflies and Moths.

1/2 split texture bunnies.

2/3 split "Swimmy" paintings.

5th grade Aboriginal Art. I love teaching this lesson!

Purple cow paintings by 3rd grade!

Kandinsky sandpaper prints by 1st and 1/2 split.

Warm or cool plaid pets by 1st grade.

Clay cupcakes created by the 2/3 split class! These were a hit!

Clay dragons made by 3rd grade! They loved the castle!

Another penguin picture.

Clay bird's nests created by 2nd grade.

I did a cave lesson with 2nd and the 2/3 split classes. I decided to turn a storage room off of the gym into a "Keller Cave." The lights were out in there so students had to use a flash light to go in and look at the cave paintings. The music teacher also made a CD with cave like music to play in the cave. It was a HUGE hit! The families loved it!

Inside the cave (the flash from the camera makes it look pretty bright in there).

We even hung a spider for an extra touch!

I had simple art projects for the kids to make. Here I am shrinking their shrink-y-dink necklaces. Kids love watching them shrink right before their eyes!

Another board with Monet ponds created by the 2nd graders.

>Close up of a 5th grade Mardi Gras mask that was on display.

These turned out so nice!

>Another board with 2/3 split, 4th grade and 5th grade work.

SCN0293.jpg" border=0> Found this lesson on paintedpaper's blog!

Art Rocks guitars by 3rd grade, found this lesson by blogging as well!

4th grade shoe drawings.

4th grade Dream Catchers.

3rd grade Impressionism Vases.

2/3 split paintings based off the book, "Giraffe's Can't Dance."

Texture Burgers by 5th grade.
1/2 split Degas Dancers.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why is Blue Dog Blue?

“Artists don’t have to paint things the way they really are”
Geroge Rodrigue

In Art class, 4th graders studied the artist George Rodrigue. He is from Louisiana and is most famously know for his Blue Dog paintings. When George was young, he had a pet dog named Tiffany that he loved dearly.
He paints Tiffany mostly blue in his artworks.
We read the book, Why is Blue Dog Blue? by George Rodrigue which explains that Blue Dog’s color depends on what the artist is doing: when Rodrigue goes fishing, he paints the dog a salmon color; when Rodrigue wants a hot dog, he paints the dog mustard yellow, and so on.
4th graders had to create a sentence that explains what color they would paint Blue Dog when they are doing something. Then they painted a picture that goes along with their sentence.

Giraffe's CAN Dance!

In Art class, 2nd graders read the book
Giraffes Can't Dance and created a collage of a dancing giraffe. We talked about movement as students drew their own dancing giraffe. Next, they cut out their dancing giraffe and glued it onto their painted background.
As you can see-Giraffes
CAN dance!