Saturday, November 28, 2009

Value Paintings

In art class, we talked about color. We learned the vocabulary words; value, tint and shade. Value is the lightness or darkness of a color. Tint is the lightness of a color. Shade is the darkness of a color. 5th graders picked a color and created different tints in the shapes that they drew.

Koi Fish

In art class, 4th graders studied Koi fish. The word Koi means carp in Japanese. Koi fish also symbolize love and friendship in Japan. 4th graders drew Koi fish using colored pencils and added waves using black chalk. The red “chop” you see, is a personal stamp used by artists to sign their work.

Neutral Owls

1st graders learned about owls in art class. Students also learned about the neutral colors; black, white, brown and gray

Picasso Portraits

These portraits were created by 4th graders after studying Picasso. Students used colored glue to outline thier drawings and construction paper crayons to color in the spaces.

Radial Designs

5th graders used hand made stamps to create these awesome radial designs!

Winter Cardinals

In art class, 3rd graders learned about cardinals. They are such a popular bird six states have named them their state bird! Students also learned that the male cardinals are bright red and the females are brown. 3rd graders painted cardinals on a branch on a snowy day.

Spooky Houses

5th graders created their own scratch paper using oil pastels and black paint. Students then had fun using their creativity to scratch their spooky house drawings.

Line Paintings

In art class, 1st graders studied different types of lines. Students created a drawing of lines like zigzag, wavy, curved and diagonal. 1st graders also know the difference between vertical and horizontal lines. They traced over their drawing with black glue. Students finished their artwork by painting in the spaces with watercolor paints.

Shoe Drawings

5th graders practiced their observational drawing skills while drawing their shoes!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Picasso Flowers

In art class, 2nd graders learned about the artist
Pablo Picasso
and created art just
like his painting, ”Hands Holding Flowers.”

Pretty as a Peacock

1st graders studied peacocks and learned about warm and cool colors. Warm colors are red, yellow and orange because they look like they would feel warm. Cool colors are blue, green and purple because they look like they would feel cool. Students painted these pretty peacocks using warm and cool colors.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lines in Motion

Torn Fish

In art class, 1st graders reviewed the primary and secondary colors. Students mixed their own secondary colors and painted them with their finger! Next, students ripped apart their painting to create these beautiful fish!

Painted Fall Tree

Polar Express

In art class, we read the book, The Polar Express and noticed the beautiful illustrations. We drew our own polar express trains using oil pastels. Lastly, we splattered white paint over our artwork using a toothbrush to create snow!

Modern Mona

Modern Mona Lisa paintings created by 4th grade!


In Art class, 5th graders studied sculptures and learned the difference between shapes and forms. Students could chose
which type of figure they wanted to make and worked
very hard to create these fantastic sculptures!
The entire process took 5 Art classes to complete!
Nice work 5th graders!
Day 1- paper mache the body
Day 2- form the head & hands with Celluclay
Day 3- paint face, hands, hats and clothes
Day 4- paint hair & add glitter paint
Day 5- add accessories

Forget Waldo...Where is the principal?

On the first day of Art students each draw a small self-portrait to be part of a giant "Forget Waldo...Where is Mrs. Stelmach?" Students love trying to find her and themselves!

Paper Owls

4th graders studied owls in Art class. Students learned many interesting facts about owls and had fun cutting and gluing their owl
artworks together!

Pumpkin Sculpture

Young artists in 2nd grade created these fantastic pumpkin patches in Art class. Student’s learned what a sculpture is and formed their artwork using a type of clay called Celluclay.

Grapes on a Vine

1st graders created these paintings in one 60 minute art class! Students mixed their own green and purple and had fun using their thumbs to create the grapes!