Thursday, February 2, 2012

District office building art display

Each month, the art teachers rotate hanging artwork at our Green Bay school district office building. This sure makes the building look great for the staff that works there as well as visitors! It also gives great recognition to the students and their amazing work!


  1. I love the owl project on your bulletin board above -- would you share the lesson? it looks like the bodies are coming off the page--is that right?
    thanks for any info you will share!

  2. Thanks! Lets see, the body is made first by gluing rectangles cut into curves to look like feathers. Then I stapled them onto a background to give it a 3-D look. Next, we did the heads by cutting out a heart, folding it, and cutting the "horns" out. Sorry this isn't too helpful but i dont' have a written lesson!

  3. Isn't it funny--i have so many lessons that i do with the kids--but are not written down step by step--and many, many of them i change as we go -- thanks for the "how to"!!!