Monday, November 23, 2009

Fall Leaf Collage

In art class, 1st graders created a Fall leaf collage. A collage is an artwork made by cutting and gluing pieces together. To make the leaves on student's collages, they practiced three different painting techniques: marble painting, sponge painting, and splatter painting.


  1. Dear Ms. Bartolazzi,

    My name is Michael Crawford and I am an accountant in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I would like permission to use DSCN0886.jpg. It will be used as the background for a flyer I am preparing to announce some upcoming tax seminars. I am willing to make a small donation to the artist or school. I would like to credit the artist. You may provide as much or as little information as you deem appropriate. I assume the artist is a minor and I am sensitive to the need to protect such information.

    My email is


    Michael L. Crawford, BA(Hons), CMA

  2. Hi, wondering the classroom management behind the lesson: did you have centres for each technique? How did you manage each technique with your grade ones? Thanks! So pretty!