Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Picasso Flowers

In art class, 2nd graders learned about the artist
Pablo Picasso
and created art just
like his painting, ”Hands Holding Flowers.”


  1. These are fantastic! How did you get the 2nd graders to draw such great hands?

  2. They do look great! I was thinking of the same exact question: how DID you get them to draw such great hands?

  3. Sorry, I just saw these comments!
    I think I just showed them several times on the board how to draw the hands.I also showed them mistakes(too many fingers,arm thicker than fist..) They drew w/their eraser first, could raise their hand if they wanted me to check, then outlined in pencil, and then sharpie.

  4. I did this lesson with my third graders. The hands did not turn out so good. Even though I am always saying, "Don't trace" I gave the students a zeroxed copy of the Picasso print and let them trace the hands. But we had to be sure to give Picasso credit. We wrote Picasso 2/14/58 on one side of the paper and gave ourself credit on the other side of the paper for our original flowers and stems. To add texture, we used colored pencils for the stems and paint for the flowers.