Thursday, May 24, 2012

Inca Masks

In Art class, fourth graders studied South America and the Inca's. They learned about the Incan culture, the city in the clouds; Machu Picchu, and the Spanish invasion. Students designed their own Incan mask by embossing metal foil. They focused on making their masks symmetrical. Fabulous work students!


  1. Hi Jenny I would really like to make these with my third grade students. Did you give the students a template? Did you use gold foil? Could you give me some information on making these?

  2. I'm sorry, I am just seeing this comment today! The kids draw/design their masks on a piece of thin white paper. They only draw half of the mask, trace w/sharpie, go up to the window and trace the other side. When they open the paper it is symmetrical. then they tape their drawing onto tooling foil. I like the thinner kind. Then they trace over their drawing w/a dull pencil, make sure magazine or newspsper are under drawing to provide a cusion. Their drawing gets pressed into the foil, they take the paper off, add texture, emboss, add sharpie and other details...hope this helps!